Saturday, February 27, 2010

Social Networking effects & beneficiaries

Social networking has become a norm in our lives, where I would say it is becoming the most essential part of our daily routine to remain connected with friends and colleagues. Just for example take Facebook for a moment, where more than 35 million users update their status each day according to the official statistics of Facebook at
Questions are rising among different communities that are worried about the future of social networks, its effects and beneficiaries. Interestingly, not everyone can afford a computer or a phone that enables the user to browse internet. Still according to the, the total number of internet users around the globe is 1,733,993,741. Wait a minute here, ... and just guess about how many scientists and engineers would be in US? Don't know? no problem ... well, about 5 million! Of these five million people, take people who regularly use Facebook through their phones and do you know there are more than 100 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices, and they are twice more active on Facebook than non-mobile users.
Speaking only about the users of Facebook that use the application on their mobile devices, Facebook is recording all user activities and also in some cases, their phone numbers, since on the mobile devices, you can access Facebook by entering your phone number instead of an email ID as a user name. It also keeps your friends' contacts (and in return all the information about them in the same following manner), photos (More than 3 billion photos uploaded to Facebook each month), for stupid internet users ... home addresses as well. Employers' names, the record of user' facebook searches, and also in an invisible manner record of their changing psychology and growing personality while analyzing the web-links, status updates, comments, likes dislikes, groups that they are members of, shared on their profiles (more than 5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each week). Still people think, ha ha ... yes they just think, that no one knows whatever they are doing at any social network.
Now you can ask, what the hell will Facebook do with the data collected from people' profiles? I am sure Facebook will not do anything but get more and more money from their business associates in a number of ways, but ... other people could be interested in doing something by getting information from your profiles, or precisely, they would be interested in groups of people having a special thinking. These other people could be Government agencies, hackers, spammers, advertising companies, racists, hate groups, and different NGOs that can use your data, getting obviously stored at a central location, for their benefits.
Now I ask you, ... what if I am the owner of a social network, and I have 400 million (Facebook has already reached the figure of 400 Million) people connected to my network to share their basic information, photos, friends, thoughts, likes & dislikes, religion, profession, employer, educational institute, a particular topic, ... whatever whatever ..., and among these are those 5 Million Scientists and Engineers from USA who are under my special observation. Aren't you feeling like watching a James Bond movie? ... Do you think its not easy for me ... to filter out whatever all of you store into my database, and particularly my 5 Million American friends from whom only a few will come up with my special interests? laughter laughter ... I am talking about their hidden network ... huh silly! But I feel it should work something like this!
For example I want to know how many people are of a particular religion, ... I'll search into my database. I can search how many people are married, I can search how many people are in love or any other illicit relationship and with whom, where do they live and how to physically approach them and who are their friends, brothers, sisters, parents, teachers, colleagues, room mates, and also who has inspired them in their lives, and what are they up to now? It won't be difficult for me to understand a person's psychology, and for instance, ... generate the similar advertisements on their profiles. Also if government asks me about someone special, I can provide one' profile and all the above information even without any argument, ... obviously I have to produce more and more money, and no matter if Government pays me nothing, at least it is allowing me to continue my business ...! Isn't it?
So its up to you to decide how to use a social network, and what and what not to post, not to do on any social network, since now you know that you are not alone on the internet and also that someone is observing you ... ! huuu you are scared!
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  1. hey mr.kashif!
    arrows are aiming in the right direction......good is a capitalist's world,every step leaps towards globalized corporational interests. so these outcomes are well expected.

  2. You are right Ayesha.
    Thanks for taking time reading and commenting. TC.

  3. But the main and most important thing is at this time wen the world is going in a different direction , u can not even say any right thing. so i dont know whether to comment on this or not...

  4. Thank you Umair. I would say this is because everyone of us is running after fun, so that is why we don't know what is right and what is wrong; Well this is just my analysis about the thing and nothing else.


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