Sunday, August 4, 2013

RE: Sharam karo Pakistan, Sharam karo Facebook

I was boiled by one of the blogposts at Express Tribune so It was my wish to address this issue. 
One of the major tactics of writing by seasonal writers is to "Write controversial" to get more audience engaged with your post. Thanks to the social media that people are now able to like and thus share the posts through their facebook accounts and they can also share using twitter. A little research can reveal the actual reason of any controversial writing, for instance the Post from Noman Ansari, “Sharam Karo Pakistan, Sharam Karo Facebook.” There are at least three notable things about the post and writer. First of all, as per the information provided by the post, Noman is “A freelance writer”, which tells me he sells his writings for his living and how does he may do that, the blog answers it well. I am not saying he took the money from to publicize it which just started on 17th July, 2013. I am certain that Noman is not publicizing this sexually attractive website but actually I have a doubt that he himself owns this website. I would love to defend my points one by one.
First of all, the age of website in question that started on 17th July as per independent internet information providers is just 17 days. Additionally, you can see that the screenshots of comments provided by the respected author are check the dates of comments which are starting only from 18th July, where may be not everybody knows that photos are already old about six months old and had been commented several times already. Well the question is why would someone come up with the idea of putting dirt on a female in Pakistan where judicial system completely supports female and for the mentioned lady, it is not difficult to lodge a complaint against the author for breaching her privacy.
My second argument is, why was it really necessary to mention a particular website and the answer is very simple, the readers had to be motivated to visit the site once, check some pages and come up with hot comments and get engaged in comment fight, and you know more comment, more famous on blogs thus more website visitors and high ranking. By the way website daily worth is 70+ dollars.

My third argument is, at one side the honorable author is writing “These commenters used filthy words in an attempt to ‘disgrace’ her – words that are frowned upon in the same faith.” which is equally laughable that he is focusing on her private photos, putting dirt on a Muslim lady and then saving himself by saying something like, its not me, it’s the public commenting at her unacceptable act. Sir who are you to go to people' bedrooms and give them the fine of unacceptable behavior in their private life? Anyways, technically speaking I have proof that it was a publicity stunt Now my investigations have following findings.  

First Check: I checked the worth of the website in question  at which turned to be: € 52,991

Second Check: I checked the age of website: I went to and checked the domain age that was only 17 days as of last night and was only created on 17th July, 2013.

Third Check: I checked the last updated using this script: javascript:alert(document.lastModified) from and found that the particular photo gallery was last updated at 6:45:39  which shows it has a system administrator updating the website timely or may be after finding the changing visitor trends and modify the pages and add or remove photos.

I have no doubt after all above discussion that it was merely a publicity stunt for the website but still I can not confirm its the author's own website or not. 
Such a post points out one important issue about the authenticity of bloggers. The publishers are responsible for providing the quality services and not the publicity stunts.
You can check the actual post here

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  1. Interestingly, Tribune didnot publish even this one. By the way they are completely biased over the selection of bloggers


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