Friday, November 30, 2012

Illusion or reality

Imagine a life without Facebook... or Youtube... or lets say Twitter...! Just for a second take Google out of your lives... If you still feel normal, then I bet you have never imagined a life without FYTG... OK, Time to prove something... Lets take the whole internet out of your life... ohh... you feel you are still alive? ok a little bit of more stress... take the SMS out of your life... no? still nothing? still you are breathing? I think you are only a machine running on fuel...! OK, increase the pressure 5 points and take the mobile phones out of your life... awww now you heard the sirens, right? you are feeling scared... huuuuuuu! ok let me scare you more... Let me take your laptop. I can feel hear the screaming violent silence ... lets increase frequency of shock waves to a little higher level but not the internet stress... lets conduct another experience... Fuel? Give me the fuel this time or anything that generates the energy or straight forwardly, electricity. Do not tell me you are an emotionless animal who can not feel the pain of loosing all of these or once and for all electricity, because of which you can not use facebook, twitter, google, youtube or even you laptop or mobile phone... Now lets come out of illusion... yes I said illusion,,, imagination, drama but unfortunately its our life in Pakistan without any exaggeration...

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