Sunday, February 3, 2013


It was lame to hit my brother on the legs in the name of teaching him Marshal arts. Ten year old Umair started crying and I was only silent. It was not as I planned. When I asked him to get down while I wave the wicket over his head and he did the same without any flaw, great! I thought he would do the same when i asked him to rise high, like, jump a foot above the ground level but he did it a bit too early and the wiecket hit him badly. Never mind, we were just kids and they do such jugles trust me! But I still feel sorry ofcourse it was the worst of all the other tricks I tried at him, after all it was never my fault, he was always willing to learn it and I taught him every trick the hard way, this is the only guilt i still can not turn my face from. At least it was not bitter than the Ink trick. We bet that if he drinks the Ink, I would give him, ... something dont really remember anymore. But to save him from anything that could effect his health, I did him a favor by mixing a little water in the ink. He took it and left me surprised because he was still concious.
All stupid things i did are funny for some people but its not funny to squeeze the 100 watt bulb and get yourself injured or make the Nylone ball, burn it and hold it for a few seconds untill your hand starts roasting in the age of 7.
Before my birth, doctor told the side effects of a syrup that my mom took. He told her that your child could have effects on his brain and eyes. It is visible that one of my eye lashes has extra mass but no one could ever find the effects on my brain. Its only me who can understand the effects of that syrup. I am a little silly. Sometimes, I do things kids do. When I see cats, I run after them. Still love the dinkey cars and most amazingly the smallest ones. I have never missed a plane flying over my house or anywhere in the mall, the model planes call me from 200 meters and we start talking to each other.
Now I have a son but that creepy, silly, stupid, childish self is still there in me, that makes me feel of the same age of my son. I do not believe in doctors but that guy, .... was a genius! I appreciate only one doctor, who told my mom that your kid will have effects on his eyes and brain. I feel abnormal!

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