Monday, October 28, 2013

Only one Sentence

Wanted to write about my life in one never ending and strikingly insane but fabulous, mesmerizing, fantasizing beautiful and mature in grammar along with a mixed blend of thought provoking additions in unbelievably difficult to understand the intention of writer from the context which would actually be correct but unbearable pressure of things to be remembered and the limitlessness in flow of authoring will make it impossible to understand while being read for the first time and the reader shall never be able to repeat the same idea or at least remember only a few words from each line from a standard line of aa A4 size paper depicting the true nature of the first sentence of my autobiography and ultimately only one sentence to describe the hardships faced by myself and the effect of wrong decisions taken in each and every day of my last three years life but I completely acknowledge that it will not happen that anyone can write a complete book in just once sentence and same phenomenon applies to me as well.  

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