Friday, June 13, 2014

The Mad man's God's there

If the prayers are not answered before the person changes his prayers and starts asking for death, people become certain that either this person is mad or GOD is angry on him. They start suggesting him to ask for forgiveness, where the person, keeps trying to compose himself. All such short tempered, narrow minded and conclusive people, for me, are below average ones since they can not remain the same in varying circumstances. Credit must go to the sinner, who they think could be, for keeping the same track,
but whosoever changes his prayers to the prayers of death, then it could clearly question about his certainty of faith.

A faithful person never changes his prayers to the prayers of death because he knows that his Lord, is the Lord of the worlds and it is not possible that he will not listen. He does listen and for sure answers the prayers at the same time or may be before but changing the nature disturbs the sequence of events and that is why, every prayer takes some time to show results. Meanwhile the servant of Lord must not think that the Lord will not answer. He does answer but it takes sometime for everything to be operational. For example, it took 6 days for earth creation, where it was possible for the Lord to create the earth within no time. It shows that everything takes time, be it anything and makes us understand that Lord can answer our prayers but we may need to wait for sometime until it shows results.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Why Karachi - The reason of Terrorism in Pakistan

I do not think the reason of violence in Karachi is still a secret. Most of us already know that the plotted unrest in Karachi is due to certain facts, which can drive Pakistan’s economy and boost its production. There are two major reasons. Number one and most important of those is Gawader Port, and the second reason is Karakoram Highway. There are many other secondarily correlated reasons but only if these two had not existed, Pakistan would not have terrorism.

Media associations relate the agitation of Karachi to the rage between political parties. Electronic and Print media shows the picture of Karachi as if the political giants are trying to take control of largest business hub, which is true for some extent but not the only reason. Another side of this unrest is seemingly religious. Apparently, so-claimed religious organizations want to change the game, implement Sharia and take control of the administration, which they think, follows the Amreeki Agenda, and may not otherwise when they nominate a Khalifa. Propagation of imposed Jihad theory by all such organizations cover the cooked philosophy of Islam in such a way as if the whole nation is prepared to go to hell, only if we did not listen to the contractors of heaven. For me it is not the Religion that is making a few people crazy enough to launch terror attacks on their own countrymen and mostly Muslims in the name of Jihad or for taking revenge of their Martyred Mujahedeen. Yet it is also not fully political.

Many of mainstream politicians and analysts do not discuss it in detail because of the time constraint, column length and the number of words used and are sometimes, not willing to show us the big picture, other than poking fun on Government and pointing fingers on always popular security holes.  After a little research, we can easily analyze the facts on the basis of event occurrences. For example, If you just check the comments on online media or watch the news and current affair programs, you will see people discussing the terrorism with only one motive; to degrade the current administration. Political discussions always revolve around the government and its inabilities and opposition parties try to prove their righteousness. Actually nothing stops them from discussing the impact on financial growth of the country and the collective reasons of terrorism but since they have a limited and taught vision so you will never fully understand the reasons of terrorism out of their discussions. In reality the collaborative effort of Political parties, those of certified martyrs and the lack of implementation of professional security measures, build up the whole mess in specific percentages, where political parties only influence 20%, religious propagation plays its part up to 25% and 55% of total unrest is due to low and nonprofessional security strategies.
Anyhow, whatever the percentage of part played by any stakeholder may be, the reason of unrest is due to the relation with China. The total agitation at south and northern sides of Pakistan is because of Chinese trade through Pakistan. If we did not have Gwader port or Karakoram Highway, China would not have any interest in us and only because we have Silk route, connecting China, it is cheaper for her to trade through our roads. Supportive relation of Chinese government becomes a must in this case.

 It is not a child’s play to attack the Iconic institutions of an operational and fully formed government. Attacking on the busiest airport of country’s biggest city and financial hub is like stabbing us in the neck. A normal street fighter, a person prepared to become the prayer leader or any local group of robbers cannot think of doing this. The only possibility is an inside job, funded by outsiders, who may want to disrupt country’s operations by involving it into such a mess, even for a few days and giving it potential loss.
Undoubtedly, the Killing of 25 or 50 people is a disaster but not bigger than that of trade discontinuation and travel for a few days, which feeds hundreds of thousands of people. It is no wonder any such operational disruption potentially damages Pakistan, every time such an attack is carried out. Security agencies may not have control over drone attacks but the ban on weapons and the provision of internal security of our institutions is surely achievable.

We must acknowledge that terrorists are showing their ability and influence only because of our inability to limit their access. Their power is increasing day by day because of our non professional administrative strategies but that does not anyhow mean the bedbugs in Karachi, are more powerful than us. Actually it's the question of their survival to suck our blood.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Capital Pet - An excerpt from my upcoming book

Evolution theory can be observed in many social actions and revolutions all over the world. Let’s, for example, take technological developments and the revolutions brought to the world by the connection of technology to ordinary people. By the introduction of technology to the domestic life style, the global society has taken many different turns and the normal life of a simple human has converted from being personal to more social. Social technological connection does not cover everything but particularly the information technology. You can observe a specific and limited understanding about anything that has become social for the people who are always connected to the information medium, which is playing the best part in changing people’s lives, more than anything for an ordinary person. This change has opened doors of more opportunities for corporate business development.

If you talk about the marketing strategies, advertising, propaganda, low level censor policies and week definitions of information provision and its limits, have altogether changed the key values of influencing people’s lives. Usually, all over the world, businesses make money after taking control of people’s psychologies. Interestingly, it seems to be beyond the scope of Governments’ operations to disallow businesses to play with customers’ psychology. Understandably, it is not possible to sell the products unless the sellers completely understand their customers, their likes and dislikes, daily lives, their needs and at the top, their budgets. Value of a product obviously depends upon the customer identification. Vendors, who understand the customers’ needs, become more successful than the ordinary businessmen. By the continued practice of customer identification, small companies grow in volume and become corporate. Any business may start as personal but there are examples of private businesses becoming the public demand. 
Let’s not forget the example of Mc Donald’s, that feeds 1% of total world’s population. Microsoft, on the other hand, controls how people work because of its user friendly interfaces of Operating systems and the package of office administration software and has really achieved the level of becoming the public demand. Television would only remain a dream for domestic users until it became a need of every house along with Radio and Telephone but interestingly, it is of no surprise that still there are nations who do not have access to the Internet, Telephone, Television, and computers. Their daily operations are still continuing without all these domestic appliances and communication systems. It really takes decades for any private business to become public demand and for that, the corporate organizations study people and identify the opportunities.  
It is really not possible for common people to make a corporate because normal people can just think about their personal problems where the game planners think the other way because they do not have problems of being hand to mouth as their income statistics are much higher than an ordinary person. The corporate thinkers and game planners always remain at the top and keep their influence on the market trends and that is how they can make a differentiable amount of money and reach a level of becoming the top few most important organizations who can change the social trends and day by day become more and more wealthy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Molvi saab and Raseeli; The Whore - My first short story

Molvi saab was the prayer leader in a village mosque of Lalpur, a suburb of Bahawalpur in southern city of Punjab. One day, he was coming back from Masjid after Isha prayer, when he saw a man standing near his home, next to the door of his late neighbor, Sabu Ram. Sabu had died almost 6 months ago in an argument that fired up after he won a gamble. He was shot in head and died on the spot, leaving his only descendent, his widow, Raseeli. Molvi saab used to hear rumors about Raseeli but never paid attention because believing on rumors is prohibited in Islam. She was staying alone and apparently had no means of survival, which made the strangers visiting her home, one of the major reasons of increasing suspicions. He stopped by the stranger who introduced himself as one of Sabu Ram’s cousins and told Molvi saab that he came to give some clothes to Raseeli. As they were talking, Raseeli opened the door and Molvi saab got her glimpse for the first time. She was a young woman with below average looks, wearing a shocking red sari.
To get married with Sabu Ram, Raseeli had run away from her parents’ home and after his death, there was no chance of her going back. Her parents could kill her in the name of honor.  Because of being from minority, staying alone and having bad reputation, neighbors were reluctant to see her and no one ever bothered about her financial problems. She was illiterate and had nobody from her family around, making the living, more difficult. Even Molvi saab who was sharing the same wall, was unaware of Raseeli’s nearly impossible survival.

Time was passing. Molvi saab decided to go to Makkah for Umrah. He already had many pilgrimages in his account and that was just another. As he declared in Masjid about the date of departure, people started coming to his home for greeting and congratulating that he was going to see the Holy place again. He was also very happy. One fine afternoon Raseeli also came to meet him. She expressed her happiness and requested him to pray for her in Makkah. It was surprising that a non-Muslim was asking him for prayers in Makkah. Molvi saab just shook his head but did not commit about praying for her because the question was, how to pray for non Muslims other than wishing them the pure faith. She requested him to pray that Lord gives her strength, forgets her mistakes, ignores her sins and resolves her financial problems. She told him about a few difficulties of her life after her husband’s death and also about the unpaid rent of last four months. She told Molvi saab that there was no one to help her other than the Lord, and that, she was counting every other moment.
When Raseeli was about to leave, Molvi saab offered her 200 rupees. Happiness flashed on her face and she took the money but under emotional stress of mixed feelings, she started crying with tears. Held and kissed his hand and told Molvi saab that he was like her father. She was grateful for the favor and prayed for his long life and health. After reminding for prayer, Raseeli left him thinking. He was thinking how to pray for a non-Muslim and probably a prostitute, other than wishing her the right path. The same question kept striking him until he forgot Raseeli and reached Makkah in a few days.
Like always, Makkah was the same and people were behaving the same way as they would always do. Crying for forgiveness and committing about becoming good Muslims. Molvi saab performed Umrah and prayed for the prosperity of every Muslim.
One day was left for his flight when after an Asar prayer, he started counting the total money he had spent for Umrahs and Hajjs, since ever. It was over 3 Million rupees. He felt really satisfied on spending his earnings in the best way anyone could and thanked the Lord for giving him that much, because he knew that not everyone could earn and spend 30 Lakhs in Pakistan. Suddenly Raseeli’s helpless face flashed in his thoughts, telling him that she had not paid the rent for last four months. He also remembered her happiness when he gave her 200 rupees and only then he realized his mistake. That day, she came to ask for financial help.
Undoubtedly, Raseeli was facing hard times being alone and poor. She, being Molvi saab’s neighbor, had more right on him than anyone but unfortunately, he did not understand that at the right time. He knew that poverty could lead to even changing the faith. Becoming a slattern because of poverty was certainly a punishable crime but not worse than ignoring another person dying of hunger. It could be a murder. At that moment, in Makkah, he understood what he never did for his whole life. He never thought of helping Raseeli. He used to see strangers visiting her home but never realized the reason. Everyone thought she was a bad woman, but no one understood why? They were selfish and just looking after their own problems. Molvi saab was also one of them, running after heaven and indirectly letting Raseeli become a prostitute. He regretted of not paying attention and thought he could have at least paid her home rent. The next moment he decided to help her and requested the Lord for another chance.
After two days Molvi saab reached back. He collected one of his wife’ bracelets and went to Raseeli’s home. He thought that help could make her convert to Islam as well. Her door was locked. Molvi saab stood there for some time, clueless, until another neighbor told him the news. Raseeli had committed suicide. Whore had died three days ago, the same day when Molvi saab had decided to help her and requested the Lord for another chance.

He did not get another chance to change Raseeli but her suicide changed him. Since then, Molvi saab has not been to Makkah again. Raseeli’s death transformed him from a typical pious Molvi, running after heaven, to a social worker. He sold his land and started a charity. Now he continuously takes care of poor widows, regardless of their religion. He also teaches people that only one Hajj and Umrah is enough for them and motivates them to let another person go next time. He cannot bring Raseeli back but hopefully, will not let another woman become Raseeli

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I am the Best?

Beautiful laugh on ugly, wise at fools, educated on illiterate, young on old, successful on failed, survivors on dead, pious on sinister, married on unmarried, parents on childless, couples on singles, strong on week, rich on poor, eyed on blind, good voiced on bad ones, employers on employees, and all the others of any contradiction feel differently than others of lacking numbers. They feel, are the most deserving for any of such privileges, and forget that the division is not from them, but the Lord.

Interestingly, people with distinctions know that they have a very little contribution or a maximum of 50% of it but after reaching the state of denial because of their prominent, and obviously, pleasant differences, they become proud and start ignoring the natural differentiation; presence of the Creator and the actual one to be praised. They forget their momentousness and uncertain age of their quality. If for even a single moment they put themselves in place of their counter parts, and imagine a life without what they think would be a quality which, they are the only ones who deserve, they may never be able to think about themselves or their qualities and become helpful to the most hated ones. 

If you have a difference which can be anything from beauty to wisdom, success to richness or anything that makes you stand out from others in your circle, do not forget that without your Lord wanting it for you, you are nothing, like those who you think you are superior from. No, you are not. It is only about the time difference. It is about the difference of calculation, division and distribution of resources, check and balance of nature and being thankful or ruthless. So the choice is yours.

It could be just a generous blessing of your Lord or at the same time, an examination for you. It can be another story for those who do not care or a lesson for those who understand. Which one are you? O, by the way, I am none of those. I am the third one, laughing on both because one thinks he deserves it and the other thinks why not him?   

Monday, October 28, 2013

Only one Sentence

Wanted to write about my life in one never ending and strikingly insane but fabulous, mesmerizing, fantasizing beautiful and mature in grammar along with a mixed blend of thought provoking additions in unbelievably difficult to understand the intention of writer from the context which would actually be correct but unbearable pressure of things to be remembered and the limitlessness in flow of authoring will make it impossible to understand while being read for the first time and the reader shall never be able to repeat the same idea or at least remember only a few words from each line from a standard line of aa A4 size paper depicting the true nature of the first sentence of my autobiography and ultimately only one sentence to describe the hardships faced by myself and the effect of wrong decisions taken in each and every day of my last three years life but I completely acknowledge that it will not happen that anyone can write a complete book in just once sentence and same phenomenon applies to me as well.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Re: They came for Facebook, YouTube…then Tribune?

One of the blogposts on the Express Tribune were about censorship of Internet in Pakistan. The writer was again from ET Itself Jahanzaib Haque, News buff and Web Editor, The Express Tribune like many others including 

Amna Iqbal, 
Publications designer at The Express Tribune., Taimour Abdullah, A sub-editor for the Web desk at The Express Tribune, Emaad Akhtar, An Islamabad based reporter for The Express Tribune, Manahyl Khan, A sub-editor at the Web Desk of The Express Tribune, Rashid Ali, Attock Correspondent for The Express Tribune.
I am sure it will not be published in ET since they also control comments and blogs which are against their publishing policy but how can they control the
My reply was below:
"**which is in direct violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.**" as if the
country is owned by UN and doesnt follow her own constitution but UN's right?
"**evolutionary biologist**" who is a follower of **Darwin**, whoes theories are the basis of Communism in which people are treated as animals only and as you mentioned later on "bunch of human cockroaches" which clearly elaborate your vision about people.
"**pro-Ahmadi websites and Facebook pages such as Roshni disappear**" Only if you suppose it would deliver the message as per Pakistan' ideology and not in contrast with Sharia rulings.
"**crackdown on Baloch websites**" as If they were working for Pakistans integration and not otherwise right?
"**torrent sites being blocked**" as if they were doing the right things to the society by opening porn, blocked sites and helping our people download the pirated software, so you support such illegal activities?
"**Beygairat Brigade’s music video Aalu Anday**" Do you think abusing is the solution? There are ways in literature to discuss and express the issues.
But all above points not only, as you wrote "**potentially threatens the status quo**" but also threatens the social security of Pakistan and surprisingly you support it with addition to saying "pillars that regulate and govern our society are just as rotten as its people" You mean rotten people as if Pakistanis are fools? 
I agree there should be a fair censorship but completely disagree on all of your points of complete freedom to even taking the illegal moves as society. There is nothing wrong if the Government is taking steps to block the content that is against its constitution, values and society.
If you can visit the UAE, UAE Government has blocked everything that is in contrast with its values and honestly, this society is far better than the society of "bunch of human cockroaches" as you said. You seriously need to change your darwinization. You can find the actual article here. Do comment if you read. Thanks. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

RE: Sharam karo Pakistan, Sharam karo Facebook

I was boiled by one of the blogposts at Express Tribune so It was my wish to address this issue. 
One of the major tactics of writing by seasonal writers is to "Write controversial" to get more audience engaged with your post. Thanks to the social media that people are now able to like and thus share the posts through their facebook accounts and they can also share using twitter. A little research can reveal the actual reason of any controversial writing, for instance the Post from Noman Ansari, “Sharam Karo Pakistan, Sharam Karo Facebook.” There are at least three notable things about the post and writer. First of all, as per the information provided by the post, Noman is “A freelance writer”, which tells me he sells his writings for his living and how does he may do that, the blog answers it well. I am not saying he took the money from to publicize it which just started on 17th July, 2013. I am certain that Noman is not publicizing this sexually attractive website but actually I have a doubt that he himself owns this website. I would love to defend my points one by one.
First of all, the age of website in question that started on 17th July as per independent internet information providers is just 17 days. Additionally, you can see that the screenshots of comments provided by the respected author are check the dates of comments which are starting only from 18th July, where may be not everybody knows that photos are already old about six months old and had been commented several times already. Well the question is why would someone come up with the idea of putting dirt on a female in Pakistan where judicial system completely supports female and for the mentioned lady, it is not difficult to lodge a complaint against the author for breaching her privacy.
My second argument is, why was it really necessary to mention a particular website and the answer is very simple, the readers had to be motivated to visit the site once, check some pages and come up with hot comments and get engaged in comment fight, and you know more comment, more famous on blogs thus more website visitors and high ranking. By the way website daily worth is 70+ dollars.

My third argument is, at one side the honorable author is writing “These commenters used filthy words in an attempt to ‘disgrace’ her – words that are frowned upon in the same faith.” which is equally laughable that he is focusing on her private photos, putting dirt on a Muslim lady and then saving himself by saying something like, its not me, it’s the public commenting at her unacceptable act. Sir who are you to go to people' bedrooms and give them the fine of unacceptable behavior in their private life? Anyways, technically speaking I have proof that it was a publicity stunt Now my investigations have following findings.  

First Check: I checked the worth of the website in question  at which turned to be: € 52,991

Second Check: I checked the age of website: I went to and checked the domain age that was only 17 days as of last night and was only created on 17th July, 2013.

Third Check: I checked the last updated using this script: javascript:alert(document.lastModified) from and found that the particular photo gallery was last updated at 6:45:39  which shows it has a system administrator updating the website timely or may be after finding the changing visitor trends and modify the pages and add or remove photos.

I have no doubt after all above discussion that it was merely a publicity stunt for the website but still I can not confirm its the author's own website or not. 
Such a post points out one important issue about the authenticity of bloggers. The publishers are responsible for providing the quality services and not the publicity stunts.
You can check the actual post here

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spell Bound

I started writing in 2010 with my first blog post about the Social media, its effects and beneficiaries. At that time I had a good job and would just say anything that came into my mind. I was a little careless because of my certainly stable financial situation. One of the characteristics of wealth is that it makes us blind. But honestly it's not only the money, power also does the same. People reach to a state of denial after having enough power and start ignoring others. This was one of the reasons that I also became straight forward and fearless. Money and power both are related to each other. With money, comes the social strength. If you have money, you automatically feel powerful to be able to buy anything and anyone. You can buy people's loyalties, activities, their thoughts, emotions, their vision and even the political and religious beliefs.
Unfortunately, if you are still poor, then I know what would you do for survival. Don't you sell yourself to the powerful capitalists? Capitalism mean incorporation of anything into the business. For the capitalists, people are really machines and products for revenue generation and not the human beings. People can, not only generate the revenue but also after a little more influence, they can become the indirect potential monetizing sources. As an example, media personnel can also be considered as the active elements of revenue generation by controlling the news, current affairs, influencing the public opinion by directing their emotions with their on air discussions, criticism, idea generation and imposing a certain belief on he public.
One way or the other, we are selling ourselves to the capitalists who have become powerful enough to control the normal people as well as the nations as the herds of horses. If you particularly talk about the news and publication media, I have no doubt that its completely controlled to get certain benefits. Those hidden and clear benefits directly or indirectly include only two things, developing Influence and thus getting Wealth. 
The ultimate benefits capitalists always look for uses to be the wealth collection, but the ways they adopt to initiate the game of revenue generation is nothing similar to the ordinary ways that you could even guess. It's just like a game of chess. Well, obviously the game remains for some time until one of the players start losing the control. The best thing I have learnt from the chess is one out of many ways to win. Tip is very simple. You just need to keep one of your pieces at your opponent's side and keep the space occupied until the right time. That single piece develops the same influence as all of your other pieces do. Gradually you need to empower that particular single piece, provide it the backup pieces and the moment by moment advancement will win you the game, but that's one way I look into the whole scenario. If you compare this example with current media influence, you will be able to understand your position as winner or loser.
Argument is very simple. We are driven by the media. This is quite obvious that Not everyone is a capitalist but surely, is under the influence of a controlled thought. Well mainly the pieces used in this game are simple people who are remotely controlled electronically, or by traditional means. Like the communism, capitalists only consider the Darwin's theory of evolution and drive us like the herds of animals who if taught a lesson, only act upon the instructions. Do not you see the examples of many different countries including Pakistan where people or let me say herds of people are controlled by an unknown remote. Someone presses the button and they start shouting. The unknown hand then releases the button and everybody becomes silent. After a while another button is pressed and the whole nation starts shouting, burning, destroying the properties and protest to a certain level until the button is released and everyone calms down. They practice is repeated everyday with many different buttons pressed to start many different groups using electronic and social media. Whosoever is controlled by Facebook, they press the facebook button, twitter button for twitter herds, religious button for religious fanatics and for political fools, political button. It's not only the herds of normal people who are not the objective role players containing a space in the media itself but are under the influence of media or in other words, the fuel of media. The evolution is practiced at every instance and from a normal human they become unbearable animals and when the button is released, they become normal humans as if previously they were spell bound. Are you not getting evolved anyhow?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Need of Technical education in Pakistan

There are 1.4 Billion poor people who live on $1.25 a day or less and out of which, a child dies every five seconds from hunger-related diseases and overall 22,000 children die each day due to conditions of poverty. I have a question. If you are given a choice to help the poor by providing either education or food, which one will you opt for them? To help you make the right decision here are the quick facts about uneducated people.
There are about 72 Million Children and 759 million adults who are unable to get even the primary education but the dominent fact is because of having no education, not 22,000 people die every day. Thanks to hunger! I guess you will still choose education because you think education is the key to open all the doors like it has done in Pakistan. Seriously, has the current education in Pakistan resolved the hunger issues by any means?
Over 445,000 graduates pass out every year and still Pakistan has over 84% people earning 1.5$ per day or less. To some extent, education can be considered a solution but the question is which kind of education is feasible for the current situation of Pakistan? Alright, to a certain level, Traditional education is fine but  with producing Masters in Business, Finance, Islamiyat, Arbi, Urdu, Punjabi, Economics, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and all the routine courses for which there are a very few opportunities available in our country we are not able to understand why should we continue with it? Shouldn’t  it be some kind of professional and actually technical education that helps the qualified people open a small business after getting a simple diploma for anything including auto mechanic, carpentry, plantation, autocad, graphics designing, civil, electrical, Aluminium and Glass work, CCTV and access control, mechanical or any industrial certification. 
With all the graduates, for which there are very rare opportunities in Pakistan, if we start focusing on the technical education and adopt in country small businesses or just start exporting our people as resources to, let’s say, the GULF, a lot of poverty and hunger related problems can be taken care of in a very short time of just 2 years. Unfortunately our Government doesn’t focus on technical education but why not even people think about it? 
If we only consider the example of the UAE, there are over 1.2 Million Pakistanis. If each Pakistani sends only 50 Dirhams back home, that becomes 60 Million Dirhams per month and 720 Million Dirhams which is about 18 Billion rupees per year, only from one country, UAE. Government doesn’t need to do much for this. It only has to start encouraging people to get the technical education, then register with the government platforms and get exported. Meanwhile Pakistani ambassadors can start negotiating with potential foreign markets for the intra country human resource provision contracts. This will help our job seekers to get placed and send a calculated remittance from every country back home and help our economy better than ever. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

The right way

Today I walked for about 6 kilometers and saw the city differently, closely and found myself as the same human being that I was before buying a car. Since now its insurance has expired and not having enough money to renew and pay the fines of about 5,400 Dirhams, I decided to use cash in hand smartly and renew the car after a few days. 
I went to the old walk ways, sat on the curbstones and the my favorite stairs, crossed the ally of my old apartment, went to the grocery that I would buy foodstuff from and had the dinner from a restaurant that would usually be my dinner place and had the same saada biryani with qourma garevi and yes still after 5 years, its of 6 Dirhams. It was difficult to memorize and recall those times but had to digest. I remembered many things and many people who are no more intouch with me. Then I went to the Corniche and waited for my friend for about 2 hours, then we walked for another 3 kilometers towards the bus stop.
During those few hours many things flashed back and made me feel a bit disturbed but that was alright but new for me as I never experiences so many memories in a short while. 
In fact in myself, I am a superman who can do anything. For whom, everygame is his most favorite game, every moment is a philosophy and learning, everyone is a friend and and everyone is doing nothing beneficial for the world. All the time, movie plays into my little brain and cant think of anything but get involved into the momentousness of every incident. I feel like a movie tape or the video camera, recording everything and thinking of just may be impractical things... But today something strange happened... I prayed to GOD to show me the right way. You know whats the worst part? I pray 4 times a day instead of 5 because of my killing sleep that I am am trying to take control of, and daily miss morning prayers. Anyways, During my prayers every day, many times during each prayer, I have to say "O Lord, Show us the right way" but I never found the right way. But today I prayed myself that O Lord, please show me the right way and I think my prayers have been answered.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Knowledge Sharing: I see knowledge sharing as the best practice to make friends. Usually, you'll see the people, hiding knowledge, which is very common especially in IT or computer field. Question: Why would people hide knowledge? The answer is that they are actually the descendant of the old IT guys, who did a lot of hard work, and got some big positions sometime back in early 90s. They started getting good salaries and allowances, and that happened after reading so many books, getting trainings abroad and consulting different vendors (time before google). Now the problem was for the first 10 years between 1990 to 2000, there were few people in the top positions and since the company used to pay more attention to such people because of their unique expertise, so people like me, would only be able to get something in one of the two cases. Favoritism or company policy to produce more resources out of one, the only trained guy.

Only once

Dreams have always been big but reality proved to be momentum. Only a moment I have found my life for. Its nothing but a single moment or even lesser. Success has always been the driving force for me but its amazing that I only got success for once, but in many different things. Eventual happiness but in a sense long lasting since the life is only a moment eventually so the happiness stays forever. It revealingly strange that I got a few things only once in my last 35 years, for example, only once, I saved someone’ life, this is what I believe when suddenly his breath stopped coming. Then only once miracle happened to me when I was about to jump on my baby sister about 28 years ago when she was a few months old, after got an electric shock of 240 volts and after that I jumped another time just before falling at her on my legs, I believe angles helped me in taking another jump in the air and land somewhere else. Interestingly I only won the chess for one time but amazingly from the person who helped me learn the chess, I mean my chess teacher. I only secured one A+ in my life and never again and that was my last exam of graduation. and yes, I sold the products of $ 4,000 worth in one day J

Sunday, February 3, 2013


It was lame to hit my brother on the legs in the name of teaching him Marshal arts. Ten year old Umair started crying and I was only silent. It was not as I planned. When I asked him to get down while I wave the wicket over his head and he did the same without any flaw, great! I thought he would do the same when i asked him to rise high, like, jump a foot above the ground level but he did it a bit too early and the wiecket hit him badly. Never mind, we were just kids and they do such jugles trust me! But I still feel sorry ofcourse it was the worst of all the other tricks I tried at him, after all it was never my fault, he was always willing to learn it and I taught him every trick the hard way, this is the only guilt i still can not turn my face from. At least it was not bitter than the Ink trick. We bet that if he drinks the Ink, I would give him, ... something dont really remember anymore. But to save him from anything that could effect his health, I did him a favor by mixing a little water in the ink. He took it and left me surprised because he was still concious.
All stupid things i did are funny for some people but its not funny to squeeze the 100 watt bulb and get yourself injured or make the Nylone ball, burn it and hold it for a few seconds untill your hand starts roasting in the age of 7.
Before my birth, doctor told the side effects of a syrup that my mom took. He told her that your child could have effects on his brain and eyes. It is visible that one of my eye lashes has extra mass but no one could ever find the effects on my brain. Its only me who can understand the effects of that syrup. I am a little silly. Sometimes, I do things kids do. When I see cats, I run after them. Still love the dinkey cars and most amazingly the smallest ones. I have never missed a plane flying over my house or anywhere in the mall, the model planes call me from 200 meters and we start talking to each other.
Now I have a son but that creepy, silly, stupid, childish self is still there in me, that makes me feel of the same age of my son. I do not believe in doctors but that guy, .... was a genius! I appreciate only one doctor, who told my mom that your kid will have effects on his eyes and brain. I feel abnormal!

Prostitute by choice

It was difficult to remove my clothes for the first time after I tried everything, went to everyone in my circle, knocked every door and then gave up. Then it wouldn’t matter if I was hungry or not, it was prayer times, weddings and social gatherings of my relatives or whatsoever, I started avoiding and by the time I realized that people’ facial expressions started changing. They would ask me if I was alright? Did I eat anything, or someone would even invite me to eat something but I was still a little shy to tell them that it was because of my poverty.
People can not always give a favor and especially when someone needs a continuous favor, all the time, every day. I had changing mental status and could really feel the effects. I was alright but could also understand the effective destruction and derailed concentration. Somehow I realized it was about money. I was so lazy to do anything but the most easy work. Selling myself. Unwillingly I became the prostitute.  
For sometime, it helped me but then I started feeling the dirt in me. Guttery self to eat food. Only food? Why? Because I was lazy to do any sort of hard work because of so much social stress. But what if I had died, at least people wouldn’t call me prostitute. What if I had accepted the will of GOD and do something other than this dirty work. What? But no use, it was already too late.
After losing social status, even I lost the respect for myself as well. After losing everything, respect, relatives and myself, I had only one option left. Breaking the idols and accepting the will of my Lord. One day I decided not to bow my head in front of anyone but my Lord and do the hard work. After this acceptance, I became happy and weightless. Yes I still do not have a social status, loving people and money but I am very happy. I have my Lord with me and to be honest I do not need anything else!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Illusion or reality

Imagine a life without Facebook... or Youtube... or lets say Twitter...! Just for a second take Google out of your lives... If you still feel normal, then I bet you have never imagined a life without FYTG... OK, Time to prove something... Lets take the whole internet out of your life... ohh... you feel you are still alive? ok a little bit of more stress... take the SMS out of your life... no? still nothing? still you are breathing? I think you are only a machine running on fuel...! OK, increase the pressure 5 points and take the mobile phones out of your life... awww now you heard the sirens, right? you are feeling scared... huuuuuuu! ok let me scare you more... Let me take your laptop. I can feel hear the screaming violent silence ... lets increase frequency of shock waves to a little higher level but not the internet stress... lets conduct another experience... Fuel? Give me the fuel this time or anything that generates the energy or straight forwardly, electricity. Do not tell me you are an emotionless animal who can not feel the pain of loosing all of these or once and for all electricity, because of which you can not use facebook, twitter, google, youtube or even you laptop or mobile phone... Now lets come out of illusion... yes I said illusion,,, imagination, drama but unfortunately its our life in Pakistan without any exaggeration...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Change the game!

Finally I decided to leave the career track full of bluff and insanely pretend-able professionalism. There was no one around me having the same experience and exposure that I got because of my Cousin TM, one of a very few people in Pakistan. After my former boss. Nicholas played the most important role along with Raymond to get me kicked out from Ministry of Justice, in a month I got an offer from GBM Dubai and joined them after only one telephonic interview, the next working day. To their surprise  I left GBM at half of my previous salary  of 13,000 AED and happily joined A local company in 2,000 Dirhams at the 21st day of my Joining them. Still I do not believe I was not sane. It was a well understood game plan and I just jumped in the dark well keeping in mind the example quoted by Mr. Shafqat, one of my tutors for GMAT who said, the wise keep thinking when stupids jump. 
"Are you crazy? you left GBM?", this is what I would hear from people. After getting 13,000 Dirhams came down to 2,000 only?  But for me, it was just the stipend I got for my learning on about a year. Coming from top to bottom could be killing for some people but It was an ambition for me. A passion to get out of wall, go out of box, become a capitalist instead of becoming their financial food. It was the learning of How to of business.
I decided for nothing to start the business next february, 2012, and GOD made it possible.One thing that would always strike in my mind during the core experience of Data Center Administration and System Engineering was that I used dumps to pass the certification of SCSA, SCNA. To be honest most of the engineers and certified people use the solved papers to pass the certifications like Sun Certified System Administrator, CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, CISP, MCSE, MCITP and all such. If I pass a cerfication after cramming the solved papers, dumps, the money that I would get afterwards, would it be Halaal? And the answer would always be a no.
Now its a different story. I am no more a brick into another wall but my friends, running after certifications and getting more employment opportunities are. They can not even understand the meaning of freedom unless they take the game in their hands, but yes, they have to pay for it or otherwise, they need to be smart. I never had a good boss or lets say I had never been a good sub ordinate. How can you put one liter water in a cup of quarter liter? I always needed more space, more freedom, more capitalist thought, so I decided to change my Seat from bottom to top, and I'm enjoying that now. Its not that I have become a corporate but its ok, at least I do not have a male waiting for me every morning, watching the clock and finding the reasons of shouting at me every now and then. What I did was simple, I changed the game, and GOD helped me in that, since its the man who can take himself to the place, not others! Change the game!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The crocodile story

I never knew about our social status until I heard my father telling someone that we were a lower middle class family. My father is a superman for me… Since then it became a badge for me and during stretched discussions with people from different origins I started quoting I am from lower middle class… lower middle class… lower middle …! I wont say it was a teaser for me… but made me realize that no one’s gonna help me… I have to do it alone.
It was like… someone pushed me in open sea and I didn’t know how to swim…!now when I am at the middle of the sea, I have a different feeling… I am at the middle of the sea I realize that ok I have to learn how to swim but at the same time what is the solution that I am not a crocodile and a lot of them are around… Now I am swimming but praying at the same time that O Lord, either save me or make me a crocodile so that they couldn't eat me!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Commonality between Rebecca Black & Agha Waqar

Pretty face has only one similarity with Aagha Waqar that most of the people hate both of them. Question is very simple, why or why not. When I was  unmarried, my heart would ask the same to me while passing by couples. Specially when an idiot boyfriend would have a pretty face girlfriend, my heart would ask why and then scream at me "why not you, you dumb face?" Finally I got married and secured my place in the heaven. 
If the dumb face had capability to rock the world with his idea, even fake or untrue but why not? How in the world is it not possible? Funnily, now he has become the criminal and earns money without doing any job really, and the best part is, he was in the police... wow. Even a dumb person like you who does not have any scientific nature can ask why not water instead of blood in our bodies and why not wood instead of bones and why not leaves instead of body mass? you do not have an answer... so you think I am also related to Agha waqar when asking such questions? I have another silly question to the so called scientists of Pakistan... why not? why we can not experiment with water to run a car, ok... not fully but somehow? and is it really enough for Pakistani scientists and news papers to prove that Agha was fraud and why not try to find a similar solution? Afterall, we have also produced the Biogas with the manure and dead matter so why not water as fuel? Prove him a thief or not, but your kids can ask, why not the nation tried to find an alternate  way to produce energy even with the water as rocked by Agha?
I would suggest our nation to stop propagating against Agha and focus on his solution or something similar, not forgetting that we have to study the wrong theories of west even to date so why not Agha and his theory? because he is dumb face? By the way "kya aap nay friday suna hai?" Regardless of poking fun on people because they belong to the underdeveloped countries, we need to do something productive. One day, someone will run the car on water. Cheers

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Roti Kapra aur Makan theory

I even feel stupid to laugh at our people' acts. They shout at the known issues. For example, its a daily practice to curse the government for not being able to resolve the electricity problems of Pakistan. Likewise, its a connected discussion to blame Mr. Zardari for every odd of our lives. If I become frustrated on the childish behaviors of my people, ... thats again something still in the box. We are people of Vacuum. We are like frogs, staying in the same pond and not trying to get out of it. We believe that whatever we believe is the utmost reality. We ask PPP's government about their years old slogan, "Roti Kapra aur Makan". Tell me what is not there not to laugh at... tell me do ... you ... just ... understand the simple urdu? Did they ever say we will give Roti Kapra aur Makan to Pakistani nation? or did they ever practically try to resolve the hike in prices for the three? never... But instead PPP gave you a theory, ....  helped you prepare yourselves to become slaves of three, prepared you to starve for Roti, Fight with each other for Kapra and kill each other for Makan... they actually helped you.. and yes, they are helping us since last 40 years to get ourselves prepared to fight individually for  Roti Kapra aur Makan , when all of these will become rere... ! Won't you thank Mr. Bhutto? Dont you even dare to accept their ideology of democracy and its practical implementation along with the philosophy of totalitarianism? Oh... that's difficult for you to understand the English dialect right? Let me simplify the philosophy that I have been learning out of vacuum... the vacuum that you are staying into since last 65 years or simply 155 years when our forefathers started the freedom fight.

Mr. Bhutto became the first Political Martyr of Pakistan Peoples Party leading to the assassination of last Martyr Benazir Bhutto. Both said the same thing along with an addition from BB, "Democracy is the best revenge". Pakistan Peoples Party' efforts to nurture the democratic plant in Pakistan started when Mr. Bhutto said "Roti Kapra aur Makan". We finally reached the practical implementation of democracy only after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto who enchanted the same slogan of "Roti Kapra aur Makan" with an addition of "Democracy is the best revenge". To be honest, we dont need great brains to understand the philosophy of Pakistan People' Party anymore. Dear PPP, yes, may be not everyone, but I do. I do understand what you propagated and made tried to prepare ourselves for... ! A total destruction. A fight for survival, ... the survival of individuals, not a society. You always prepared us to accept a time when people will live for their own selves, not for the nation, but we never understood. You prepared us for a democratic system that GOD could impose on us if He wanted to perish this society. A society where people live for their own survival... a society of selfish individuals, willing to do anything for personal benefits and instead of helping themselves to do something for society, blaming government for not doing anything for them.

Who in this nation says Iqbal was our national Poet. Iqbal is not our National poet anymore... our national poet should be Majrooh Sultanpuri, who wrote "Deewaana aadmi ko banati hein rotiyan" which means bread makes a hungry man, insane. Along with the sauce of democracy, that is really a revenge for such hungry people. Democracy is really a revenge because when you implement a system that makes someone powerful who gets only a few thousand votes out of a majority of more than 100,000 people, claims to be the leader of all those 100,000 people, ... how come? dont you realize that his opponents vote against him which could collectively be more than twice the votes he gets. 
We should not forget that PPP is a bunch of, not fools, genius people, who did what they wanted over a span of four decades, which is double the time of our well being without them... I mean without the proper implementation of democracy before 1971.
We must not forget that PPP had predicted the two facts that the people of Pakistan will chase Roti, Kapra aur Makan, only when the democracy is implemented. so people, whats wrong with you... this is whats your own decision to implement the democracy, make individuals powerful and live the life in a way to make sure, just your own survival... here you go, .... perished!

Nazar baaz

I'm a wandering watchdog.