Friday, April 12, 2013

Only once

Dreams have always been big but reality proved to be momentum. Only a moment I have found my life for. Its nothing but a single moment or even lesser. Success has always been the driving force for me but its amazing that I only got success for once, but in many different things. Eventual happiness but in a sense long lasting since the life is only a moment eventually so the happiness stays forever. It revealingly strange that I got a few things only once in my last 35 years, for example, only once, I saved someone’ life, this is what I believe when suddenly his breath stopped coming. Then only once miracle happened to me when I was about to jump on my baby sister about 28 years ago when she was a few months old, after got an electric shock of 240 volts and after that I jumped another time just before falling at her on my legs, I believe angles helped me in taking another jump in the air and land somewhere else. Interestingly I only won the chess for one time but amazingly from the person who helped me learn the chess, I mean my chess teacher. I only secured one A+ in my life and never again and that was my last exam of graduation. and yes, I sold the products of $ 4,000 worth in one day J

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