Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Roti Kapra aur Makan theory

I even feel stupid to laugh at our people' acts. They shout at the known issues. For example, its a daily practice to curse the government for not being able to resolve the electricity problems of Pakistan. Likewise, its a connected discussion to blame Mr. Zardari for every odd of our lives. If I become frustrated on the childish behaviors of my people, ... thats again something still in the box. We are people of Vacuum. We are like frogs, staying in the same pond and not trying to get out of it. We believe that whatever we believe is the utmost reality. We ask PPP's government about their years old slogan, "Roti Kapra aur Makan". Tell me what is not there not to laugh at... tell me do ... you ... just ... understand the simple urdu? Did they ever say we will give Roti Kapra aur Makan to Pakistani nation? or did they ever practically try to resolve the hike in prices for the three? never... But instead PPP gave you a theory, ....  helped you prepare yourselves to become slaves of three, prepared you to starve for Roti, Fight with each other for Kapra and kill each other for Makan... they actually helped you.. and yes, they are helping us since last 40 years to get ourselves prepared to fight individually for  Roti Kapra aur Makan , when all of these will become rere... ! Won't you thank Mr. Bhutto? Dont you even dare to accept their ideology of democracy and its practical implementation along with the philosophy of totalitarianism? Oh... that's difficult for you to understand the English dialect right? Let me simplify the philosophy that I have been learning out of vacuum... the vacuum that you are staying into since last 65 years or simply 155 years when our forefathers started the freedom fight.

Mr. Bhutto became the first Political Martyr of Pakistan Peoples Party leading to the assassination of last Martyr Benazir Bhutto. Both said the same thing along with an addition from BB, "Democracy is the best revenge". Pakistan Peoples Party' efforts to nurture the democratic plant in Pakistan started when Mr. Bhutto said "Roti Kapra aur Makan". We finally reached the practical implementation of democracy only after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto who enchanted the same slogan of "Roti Kapra aur Makan" with an addition of "Democracy is the best revenge". To be honest, we dont need great brains to understand the philosophy of Pakistan People' Party anymore. Dear PPP, yes, may be not everyone, but I do. I do understand what you propagated and made tried to prepare ourselves for... ! A total destruction. A fight for survival, ... the survival of individuals, not a society. You always prepared us to accept a time when people will live for their own selves, not for the nation, but we never understood. You prepared us for a democratic system that GOD could impose on us if He wanted to perish this society. A society where people live for their own survival... a society of selfish individuals, willing to do anything for personal benefits and instead of helping themselves to do something for society, blaming government for not doing anything for them.

Who in this nation says Iqbal was our national Poet. Iqbal is not our National poet anymore... our national poet should be Majrooh Sultanpuri, who wrote "Deewaana aadmi ko banati hein rotiyan" which means bread makes a hungry man, insane. Along with the sauce of democracy, that is really a revenge for such hungry people. Democracy is really a revenge because when you implement a system that makes someone powerful who gets only a few thousand votes out of a majority of more than 100,000 people, claims to be the leader of all those 100,000 people, ... how come? dont you realize that his opponents vote against him which could collectively be more than twice the votes he gets. 
We should not forget that PPP is a bunch of, not fools, genius people, who did what they wanted over a span of four decades, which is double the time of our well being without them... I mean without the proper implementation of democracy before 1971.
We must not forget that PPP had predicted the two facts that the people of Pakistan will chase Roti, Kapra aur Makan, only when the democracy is implemented. so people, whats wrong with you... this is whats your own decision to implement the democracy, make individuals powerful and live the life in a way to make sure, just your own survival... here you go, .... perished!

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