Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Change the game!

Finally I decided to leave the career track full of bluff and insanely pretend-able professionalism. There was no one around me having the same experience and exposure that I got because of my Cousin TM, one of a very few people in Pakistan. After my former boss. Nicholas played the most important role along with Raymond to get me kicked out from Ministry of Justice, in a month I got an offer from GBM Dubai and joined them after only one telephonic interview, the next working day. To their surprise  I left GBM at half of my previous salary  of 13,000 AED and happily joined A local company in 2,000 Dirhams at the 21st day of my Joining them. Still I do not believe I was not sane. It was a well understood game plan and I just jumped in the dark well keeping in mind the example quoted by Mr. Shafqat, one of my tutors for GMAT who said, the wise keep thinking when stupids jump. 
"Are you crazy? you left GBM?", this is what I would hear from people. After getting 13,000 Dirhams came down to 2,000 only?  But for me, it was just the stipend I got for my learning on about a year. Coming from top to bottom could be killing for some people but It was an ambition for me. A passion to get out of wall, go out of box, become a capitalist instead of becoming their financial food. It was the learning of How to of business.
I decided for nothing to start the business next february, 2012, and GOD made it possible.One thing that would always strike in my mind during the core experience of Data Center Administration and System Engineering was that I used dumps to pass the certification of SCSA, SCNA. To be honest most of the engineers and certified people use the solved papers to pass the certifications like Sun Certified System Administrator, CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, CISP, MCSE, MCITP and all such. If I pass a cerfication after cramming the solved papers, dumps, the money that I would get afterwards, would it be Halaal? And the answer would always be a no.
Now its a different story. I am no more a brick into another wall but my friends, running after certifications and getting more employment opportunities are. They can not even understand the meaning of freedom unless they take the game in their hands, but yes, they have to pay for it or otherwise, they need to be smart. I never had a good boss or lets say I had never been a good sub ordinate. How can you put one liter water in a cup of quarter liter? I always needed more space, more freedom, more capitalist thought, so I decided to change my Seat from bottom to top, and I'm enjoying that now. Its not that I have become a corporate but its ok, at least I do not have a male waiting for me every morning, watching the clock and finding the reasons of shouting at me every now and then. What I did was simple, I changed the game, and GOD helped me in that, since its the man who can take himself to the place, not others! Change the game!

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