Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blind and blessed Dictators

Long time ago one of my friends told me the reason why the washer man' dog would run under the cart that washer man ride and sits at with all washable clothes collected from customers by going door to door in the old days of subcontinent, and was pulled by a stupid donkey. The funny reason was that the silly dog would think himself carrying the burden of cart ... huh! While you are feeling sympathy for your favorite and sweet donkey, I am enjoying the foolishness of dog. Story doesn’t end here. If you look around, you can find many people like the donkey and so many like the miserable funny dog. Oh … am I an accused of ridiculing the dog? No actually only the donkey. I have a conclusion that blessing blinds the people. Two kinds of people including some sinisters like many superiors who are just blessed to be examined but they think the other way that they were innocent, righteous and deserving that is why they were blessed and because of it, do whatever they want … ha … ha you funny people. The others are blessed in such a way that when they feel they were wrong in doing things, God starts showering more blessing onto them every moment and such blessing casts a spell on the people who see them and feel that the person is good and actually get blind because God hides the latter’ mistakes after they feel shame on what they would do otherwise. Now you can find a lot of first kind of people, hiding their faces behind a variety of personas. A few using masks of leadership, some with dictatorship' and others could be the people wearing impressive dresses and looking professionals, yes, yes same as the person who itches you off with his superiority, which is in fact a persona to hide one’ inferiority complex. Actually when their time is over, no dog thinks like his ancestors. I have a question for you, O’ dictators. Do you think time will not change? Sorry … just another question, hey, who will pull the cart after you? One of my previous Bosses told me that “No one is indispensable”. Whenever I feel I have done something great, or I am the one who can do it, I hear a dog bark. Otherwise I feel people are blind.

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