Sunday, April 29, 2012

18 + Part 2 - Not Extremist nor D'jjali

I am not in the favor of Honor killing in which a relative kills the girl who wants to get married to a guy she likes or love, Kaaro Kaari in which people kill the girls to basically save the honor of family, again in the name of family honor, Killing in the name of the Blasphemy due to which people kill other people after thinking that law is not performing as it should be and the last but not least, killing in the name of religion as Taliban do, while ignoring the potential benefits their elders or the people who are interested in changing the global political philosophy, getting. I am a very simple Muslim, praying four times regularly, because If I were a good Muslim, I would pray five times a day. I believe there is difference of opinion and I believe that there is no such philosophies of Islam, prohibiting me to be friends with Non Muslims, eat with them participate into their gatherings and I believe that if they don’t know me personally, how good human I am, they won’t be interested in learning about my religion. I not only believe this, but also that a person who follows a different religious ideology, is also a human like me because I also differ in the same from him, but I see no rules that we can not sit together, talk, discuss, joke and have fun sometime. It like, I am an animal so is him, but yes, Social. I am from a country where people are Proud to be Pakistanis. I ask them so many times and they say I shall go to India. No, I love Pakistan more than any other place because I belong to that soil and want to change the social psychology and the way people treat others and everything over there. I see, its wrong and all of us are going to prove a lot of things that Islam has already predicted about 1433 years ago. My religion Islam says, near the Dooms day, “They will be too many, but like the straws on water”, and you will be surprised to know why, because of their lose faith and why they will lose the faith is because my people don’t care about their daily life, they just care about how much they can get. Or Islam says that “Killing one person is like killing the whole humanity”, but surprisingly, only in Pakistan, people kill other people in the name of Blasphemy and claim that they are the true followers of Islam and can die for their religion or can kill anybody who will go against Islam or the respect of PROPHET, SAL ALLAHO ALAEHE WA AALEHI WASALLAM. Same philosophy is being followed by Taliban and people like Mumtaz Qadri, because they think they are wise than what Islam said “Killing one person is like killing the whole humanity” and not only thing, they can not answer why it only happens in Pakistan, why not Europe where people disrespect Islam and our Islamic values and even run different hate groups or eventual organizations to gain potential benefits but no… our people don’t understand all this. or let’s consider “Their survival will be illegal but they wouldn’t know about it” pointing to the artificial Inflation of Pakistan, or “Adultery will become a routine” pointing to the fact that everywhere, most of our people are looking for a partner to spend sometime in the name of Girl friend or Boy friend thinking they are following the Modernization.
I don’t think Pakistan can become a powerful nation because According to Islam “Hind and Sindh will be conqured (by Mahdi Army)” and don’t you just realize that a place, a Muslim state can not be conqured by Mahdi Army unless it becomes a faithless, non Muslim country, or in other words, if our people start forgetting the Islamic values, one day there will be a very few people knowing Islam properly and the rest of them will be inspired by different concepts, cultures like our people try to follow the modernization which is actually Europeanization or de Islamization, where in fact, Islam is always advance and modern but due to the negative and favorite propaganda of West, we are living 1000 years away from the current world, but but and but, they don’t know we are the 4th Most intelligent nations in the world. But what makes us so miserable to kill our sisters in the name of honor, our own people in the name of Religion and what so ever? I tell you what. It’s due to the lack of understanding the Islamic values. Its due to the lack of the understanding of Global politics and its lack of understanding of the personality of Muhammad, SAL ALLAHO ALAEHE WA AALEHI WASALLAM. Yes I am a sinister but I know that PROPHET, SAL ALLAHO ALAEHE WA AALEHI WASALLAM, has allowed our daughters to show their interest before accepting a marriage proposal for them that is why I don’t support the honor killing, and I want to let them live, stay happy with the person they may like. And I respect the difference of opinion since this is the habit of PROPHET, SAL ALLAHO ALAEHE WA AALEHI WASALLAM to attract people by HIS marvelous acts, which are for the development of humanity and not against it in the name of blasphemy. And yes, I understand that there will be left, a very few people, who will prove to be the actual believers of my religion Islam and only those people will join Mahdi to fight against D’jjal and I want to join the same army but not the way Pakistanis, do. The way it is. And the actual way is to be positive, let the people live and prove by your actions that Islam is the best and yes, no doubt my religion is the best but the people who are at the top seats in the mosques, and even the religions organization heads who are in Politics, they may not understand all above. Only the people with faith will join Mahdi and everyone else will join D’jjal. Whatever people are doing in Pakistan, may not portray what our religious values are but it is helpful for powers paving ways for D’jjal. My request to Paksitani society is to eliminate all the bugs, learn some commonsense, learn the basics of Islam or otherwise at least go through the predictions of Islam to become a different person, who will be the true follower of Islam.


  1. :) Dear I will not agree with you, as I found their are several mistakes in understand of ideology.
    1. It not correct that Mahdi Army will conquer hind but that army who will support mehndi's army.
    2. Ideology of never stop to meet non-muslim its just misunderstanding of ideology
    3. Ideology of Pakistan is not against non-Muslim but its an ideology implement Islamic law in country and Islamic law is not against non-Muslim at all.
    4. I found four types of peoples in this world.
    a) Extremist Muslim [They actually hate both muslim and non-muslims]
    b) Extremist Non-Muslim [They are same as extremist muslims but different in faith]
    c) Muslim
    d) Non-Muslim
    5. Mostly non-muslim are unable to understand that Islam is not religion but complete code of life or we muslims are fail to tell them truth through our actions and off-course we have too.

    1. Well, Mahdi Army or its coalition armies will be following the same ideology so in a broad manner, i took it as the same. Thanks for the contribution. Thanks again.

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