Monday, June 9, 2014

Why Karachi - The reason of Terrorism in Pakistan

I do not think the reason of violence in Karachi is still a secret. Most of us already know that the plotted unrest in Karachi is due to certain facts, which can drive Pakistan’s economy and boost its production. There are two major reasons. Number one and most important of those is Gawader Port, and the second reason is Karakoram Highway. There are many other secondarily correlated reasons but only if these two had not existed, Pakistan would not have terrorism.

Media associations relate the agitation of Karachi to the rage between political parties. Electronic and Print media shows the picture of Karachi as if the political giants are trying to take control of largest business hub, which is true for some extent but not the only reason. Another side of this unrest is seemingly religious. Apparently, so-claimed religious organizations want to change the game, implement Sharia and take control of the administration, which they think, follows the Amreeki Agenda, and may not otherwise when they nominate a Khalifa. Propagation of imposed Jihad theory by all such organizations cover the cooked philosophy of Islam in such a way as if the whole nation is prepared to go to hell, only if we did not listen to the contractors of heaven. For me it is not the Religion that is making a few people crazy enough to launch terror attacks on their own countrymen and mostly Muslims in the name of Jihad or for taking revenge of their Martyred Mujahedeen. Yet it is also not fully political.

Many of mainstream politicians and analysts do not discuss it in detail because of the time constraint, column length and the number of words used and are sometimes, not willing to show us the big picture, other than poking fun on Government and pointing fingers on always popular security holes.  After a little research, we can easily analyze the facts on the basis of event occurrences. For example, If you just check the comments on online media or watch the news and current affair programs, you will see people discussing the terrorism with only one motive; to degrade the current administration. Political discussions always revolve around the government and its inabilities and opposition parties try to prove their righteousness. Actually nothing stops them from discussing the impact on financial growth of the country and the collective reasons of terrorism but since they have a limited and taught vision so you will never fully understand the reasons of terrorism out of their discussions. In reality the collaborative effort of Political parties, those of certified martyrs and the lack of implementation of professional security measures, build up the whole mess in specific percentages, where political parties only influence 20%, religious propagation plays its part up to 25% and 55% of total unrest is due to low and nonprofessional security strategies.
Anyhow, whatever the percentage of part played by any stakeholder may be, the reason of unrest is due to the relation with China. The total agitation at south and northern sides of Pakistan is because of Chinese trade through Pakistan. If we did not have Gwader port or Karakoram Highway, China would not have any interest in us and only because we have Silk route, connecting China, it is cheaper for her to trade through our roads. Supportive relation of Chinese government becomes a must in this case.

 It is not a child’s play to attack the Iconic institutions of an operational and fully formed government. Attacking on the busiest airport of country’s biggest city and financial hub is like stabbing us in the neck. A normal street fighter, a person prepared to become the prayer leader or any local group of robbers cannot think of doing this. The only possibility is an inside job, funded by outsiders, who may want to disrupt country’s operations by involving it into such a mess, even for a few days and giving it potential loss.
Undoubtedly, the Killing of 25 or 50 people is a disaster but not bigger than that of trade discontinuation and travel for a few days, which feeds hundreds of thousands of people. It is no wonder any such operational disruption potentially damages Pakistan, every time such an attack is carried out. Security agencies may not have control over drone attacks but the ban on weapons and the provision of internal security of our institutions is surely achievable.

We must acknowledge that terrorists are showing their ability and influence only because of our inability to limit their access. Their power is increasing day by day because of our non professional administrative strategies but that does not anyhow mean the bedbugs in Karachi, are more powerful than us. Actually it's the question of their survival to suck our blood.


  1. One of the ways to control this situation is to limit those non karachiites who come here for few days with evil intentions, do their job and go back

  2. One of the ways to control this situation is to limit those non karachiites who come here for few days with evil intentions, do their job and go back

  3. I guess you are right. Thanks a lot for reading and your support :)


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