Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Re: They came for Facebook, YouTube…then Tribune?

One of the blogposts on the Express Tribune were about censorship of Internet in Pakistan. The writer was again from ET Itself Jahanzaib Haque, News buff and Web Editor, The Express Tribune like many others including 

Amna Iqbal, 
Publications designer at The Express Tribune., Taimour Abdullah, A sub-editor for the Web desk at The Express Tribune, Emaad Akhtar, An Islamabad based reporter for The Express Tribune, Manahyl Khan, A sub-editor at the Web Desk of The Express Tribune, Rashid Ali, Attock Correspondent for The Express Tribune.
I am sure it will not be published in ET since they also control comments and blogs which are against their publishing policy but how can they control the
My reply was below:
"**which is in direct violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.**" as if the
country is owned by UN and doesnt follow her own constitution but UN's right?
"**evolutionary biologist**" who is a follower of **Darwin**, whoes theories are the basis of Communism in which people are treated as animals only and as you mentioned later on "bunch of human cockroaches" which clearly elaborate your vision about people.
"**pro-Ahmadi websites and Facebook pages such as Roshni disappear**" Only if you suppose it would deliver the message as per Pakistan' ideology and not in contrast with Sharia rulings.
"**crackdown on Baloch websites**" as If they were working for Pakistans integration and not otherwise right?
"**torrent sites being blocked**" as if they were doing the right things to the society by opening porn, blocked sites and helping our people download the pirated software, so you support such illegal activities?
"**Beygairat Brigade’s music video Aalu Anday**" Do you think abusing is the solution? There are ways in literature to discuss and express the issues.
But all above points not only, as you wrote "**potentially threatens the status quo**" but also threatens the social security of Pakistan and surprisingly you support it with addition to saying "pillars that regulate and govern our society are just as rotten as its people" You mean rotten people as if Pakistanis are fools? 
I agree there should be a fair censorship but completely disagree on all of your points of complete freedom to even taking the illegal moves as society. There is nothing wrong if the Government is taking steps to block the content that is against its constitution, values and society.
If you can visit the UAE, UAE Government has blocked everything that is in contrast with its values and honestly, this society is far better than the society of "bunch of human cockroaches" as you said. You seriously need to change your darwinization. You can find the actual article here. Do comment if you read. Thanks. 

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  1. I posted another comment later on that was not published.
    So much frustrated? You seem to be worried as if your innocent rants will also be blocked one day.
    We need to comply with national security and value policies. Law is law and torrents to download pirated softwares, open proxy pathways to the blocked content is illegal and involves the copyright obligations as well as causes destruction to the society when they find charm in all illicit online activities.
    UK is making people opt if they want to access Adult content or no, UAE Has a complete policy to look after its social security and sovereignty and also blocks the objectionable content that could trigger unrest in the society so whets wrong if Pakistan blocks Ahmadi websites, as it has a law for ahmadis, baluch websites as many of baluch organizations are not considered involved in legal activities, blocking the Darwinized evolutionary biologist' website is seriously a the step for again national security as Darwin's theory is the basis of communism and your writing depicts that people are cockroaches... what else and yes when you use Hitler' picture in your blog to show Pakistan Internet Authorites are behaving like the ruthless Hitler, and you must not forget he was a socialist which means against the communists so we have two forces in Pakistani society. People with your school of thought who want to do every wrong in the society to be allowed and the competent government that has a vision to control its security and society from wrong doings. I will suggest you need to look in to the big picture and yes dont worry about your blogs on wordpress, they need to study like minded people and if they block your blog, how can they study you.


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