Friday, July 26, 2013

Need of Technical education in Pakistan

There are 1.4 Billion poor people who live on $1.25 a day or less and out of which, a child dies every five seconds from hunger-related diseases and overall 22,000 children die each day due to conditions of poverty. I have a question. If you are given a choice to help the poor by providing either education or food, which one will you opt for them? To help you make the right decision here are the quick facts about uneducated people.
There are about 72 Million Children and 759 million adults who are unable to get even the primary education but the dominent fact is because of having no education, not 22,000 people die every day. Thanks to hunger! I guess you will still choose education because you think education is the key to open all the doors like it has done in Pakistan. Seriously, has the current education in Pakistan resolved the hunger issues by any means?
Over 445,000 graduates pass out every year and still Pakistan has over 84% people earning 1.5$ per day or less. To some extent, education can be considered a solution but the question is which kind of education is feasible for the current situation of Pakistan? Alright, to a certain level, Traditional education is fine but  with producing Masters in Business, Finance, Islamiyat, Arbi, Urdu, Punjabi, Economics, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and all the routine courses for which there are a very few opportunities available in our country we are not able to understand why should we continue with it? Shouldn’t  it be some kind of professional and actually technical education that helps the qualified people open a small business after getting a simple diploma for anything including auto mechanic, carpentry, plantation, autocad, graphics designing, civil, electrical, Aluminium and Glass work, CCTV and access control, mechanical or any industrial certification. 
With all the graduates, for which there are very rare opportunities in Pakistan, if we start focusing on the technical education and adopt in country small businesses or just start exporting our people as resources to, let’s say, the GULF, a lot of poverty and hunger related problems can be taken care of in a very short time of just 2 years. Unfortunately our Government doesn’t focus on technical education but why not even people think about it? 
If we only consider the example of the UAE, there are over 1.2 Million Pakistanis. If each Pakistani sends only 50 Dirhams back home, that becomes 60 Million Dirhams per month and 720 Million Dirhams which is about 18 Billion rupees per year, only from one country, UAE. Government doesn’t need to do much for this. It only has to start encouraging people to get the technical education, then register with the government platforms and get exported. Meanwhile Pakistani ambassadors can start negotiating with potential foreign markets for the intra country human resource provision contracts. This will help our job seekers to get placed and send a calculated remittance from every country back home and help our economy better than ever. 

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