Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yours and God' will

What if you are given a chance and an option to either analyze, plan and handle everything in you life, yourself, or leave it to the Greatest of all analysts, planners and handlers after playing your part. What would you do? Let me give you two scenarios.

Wise like you will try to prove their wisdom by actually taking everything into your hands including the blame when you fail. Stupids like me would either get confused in deciding whether to do it themselves, influence the outcomes and try to get the desired results or just leave it to the God. Or do whatever they can and then wait for God' will! To be honest, I think second idea is the best. Play your part and wait for what God does.

He is the Ultimate, most powerful and the best planner who would see what were your choices and do accordingly. Or otherwise if your choices were even wrong, I don’t have any doubt from his unlimited blessing that he still gives you what you don’t even deserve.
He is the greatest and has given you a certain allowance to handle your things, but you don't accept, because you are wise and think you have the authority and wisdom ... huh ... to do whatever you want. Fine; time to prove. You are allowed to lift only one leg off the ground. Funny? Try lifting the other!


  1. Thank you so much all, for taking time to read. Thanks Wolf Eyes.


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