Thursday, March 8, 2012

18 + Part 2

It is no wonder that we always curse the Establishments for our social problems and ignore the fact that a Buffalo does not see the black color of her body because she always see her white tail and thinks its white all over. Let me tell you that 90 percent of the problem are because of our people, not the governments, and the top most is electing the non eligible people. Isnt it funny that a person who gets 50,000 votes from a population of half a million can claim that hes the elected leader of half million. Lets leave the government for a while and try to remember whatever I am going to remind you. Didn’t we have Javed Iqbal in early 90s who kidnapped and killed 100 kids and boiled their bodies in Acid and drained in the gutters of Lahore and finally died in the Jail after committing the suicide. O O I think many of you don’t know… OK something new… How About Karachi where people burnt three thieves last year February? What happened in Sialkot where Mughees and Muneeb were lynched infront of dozens of people including Police? Don’t tell me you don’t read the news papers and watch the News channels? Just yesterday an uncle of a girl cut the tongue of the groom to be after his family refused to marry their son with his niece. There are so many incidents happening daily including another incident of Kot Momin where a brother killed his two sisters in the name of honor becuase they wanted to marry by their own will. Such killings happen daily, if not, then Jirga killings in the name of Kaaro Kaari as what happened yesterday that  a husband declared his wife as Kaari. Kaaris are killed in Sindh as a routine but lucky lady escaped to the Police station and saved her life. Another form of killing is the one after the failed attempts to get ransom money for kids and then comen the murders after rape and if you add the number of killings by drone attacks, daily suicidal attacks, target killing in Karachi and Baluchistan, and at the end the killing in the name of Prophet’ (SAL ALLAHO ALAEHE WA AALEHI WASALLAM) respect you will realize that we have really become crazily brutal. People who kill in the name of honor get easy escape from the death penalty by one of the family merembers and that finishes the story.  To be continued.

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