Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Commonality between Rebecca Black & Agha Waqar

Pretty face has only one similarity with Aagha Waqar that most of the people hate both of them. Question is very simple, why or why not. When I was  unmarried, my heart would ask the same to me while passing by couples. Specially when an idiot boyfriend would have a pretty face girlfriend, my heart would ask why and then scream at me "why not you, you dumb face?" Finally I got married and secured my place in the heaven. 
If the dumb face had capability to rock the world with his idea, even fake or untrue but why not? How in the world is it not possible? Funnily, now he has become the criminal and earns money without doing any job really, and the best part is, he was in the police... wow. Even a dumb person like you who does not have any scientific nature can ask why not water instead of blood in our bodies and why not wood instead of bones and why not leaves instead of body mass? you do not have an answer... so you think I am also related to Agha waqar when asking such questions? I have another silly question to the so called scientists of Pakistan... why not? why we can not experiment with water to run a car, ok... not fully but somehow? and is it really enough for Pakistani scientists and news papers to prove that Agha was fraud and why not try to find a similar solution? Afterall, we have also produced the Biogas with the manure and dead matter so why not water as fuel? Prove him a thief or not, but your kids can ask, why not the nation tried to find an alternate  way to produce energy even with the water as rocked by Agha?
I would suggest our nation to stop propagating against Agha and focus on his solution or something similar, not forgetting that we have to study the wrong theories of west even to date so why not Agha and his theory? because he is dumb face? By the way "kya aap nay friday suna hai?" Regardless of poking fun on people because they belong to the underdeveloped countries, we need to do something productive. One day, someone will run the car on water. Cheers

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