Thursday, March 27, 2014

I am the Best?

Beautiful laugh on ugly, wise at fools, educated on illiterate, young on old, successful on failed, survivors on dead, pious on sinister, married on unmarried, parents on childless, couples on singles, strong on week, rich on poor, eyed on blind, good voiced on bad ones, employers on employees, and all the others of any contradiction feel differently than others of lacking numbers. They feel, are the most deserving for any of such privileges, and forget that the division is not from them, but the Lord.

Interestingly, people with distinctions know that they have a very little contribution or a maximum of 50% of it but after reaching the state of denial because of their prominent, and obviously, pleasant differences, they become proud and start ignoring the natural differentiation; presence of the Creator and the actual one to be praised. They forget their momentousness and uncertain age of their quality. If for even a single moment they put themselves in place of their counter parts, and imagine a life without what they think would be a quality which, they are the only ones who deserve, they may never be able to think about themselves or their qualities and become helpful to the most hated ones. 

If you have a difference which can be anything from beauty to wisdom, success to richness or anything that makes you stand out from others in your circle, do not forget that without your Lord wanting it for you, you are nothing, like those who you think you are superior from. No, you are not. It is only about the time difference. It is about the difference of calculation, division and distribution of resources, check and balance of nature and being thankful or ruthless. So the choice is yours.

It could be just a generous blessing of your Lord or at the same time, an examination for you. It can be another story for those who do not care or a lesson for those who understand. Which one are you? O, by the way, I am none of those. I am the third one, laughing on both because one thinks he deserves it and the other thinks why not him?   

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