Friday, June 14, 2013

The right way

Today I walked for about 6 kilometers and saw the city differently, closely and found myself as the same human being that I was before buying a car. Since now its insurance has expired and not having enough money to renew and pay the fines of about 5,400 Dirhams, I decided to use cash in hand smartly and renew the car after a few days. 
I went to the old walk ways, sat on the curbstones and the my favorite stairs, crossed the ally of my old apartment, went to the grocery that I would buy foodstuff from and had the dinner from a restaurant that would usually be my dinner place and had the same saada biryani with qourma garevi and yes still after 5 years, its of 6 Dirhams. It was difficult to memorize and recall those times but had to digest. I remembered many things and many people who are no more intouch with me. Then I went to the Corniche and waited for my friend for about 2 hours, then we walked for another 3 kilometers towards the bus stop.
During those few hours many things flashed back and made me feel a bit disturbed but that was alright but new for me as I never experiences so many memories in a short while. 
In fact in myself, I am a superman who can do anything. For whom, everygame is his most favorite game, every moment is a philosophy and learning, everyone is a friend and and everyone is doing nothing beneficial for the world. All the time, movie plays into my little brain and cant think of anything but get involved into the momentousness of every incident. I feel like a movie tape or the video camera, recording everything and thinking of just may be impractical things... But today something strange happened... I prayed to GOD to show me the right way. You know whats the worst part? I pray 4 times a day instead of 5 because of my killing sleep that I am am trying to take control of, and daily miss morning prayers. Anyways, During my prayers every day, many times during each prayer, I have to say "O Lord, Show us the right way" but I never found the right way. But today I prayed myself that O Lord, please show me the right way and I think my prayers have been answered.

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