Saturday, June 7, 2014

Capital Pet - An excerpt from my upcoming book

Evolution theory can be observed in many social actions and revolutions all over the world. Let’s, for example, take technological developments and the revolutions brought to the world by the connection of technology to ordinary people. By the introduction of technology to the domestic life style, the global society has taken many different turns and the normal life of a simple human has converted from being personal to more social. Social technological connection does not cover everything but particularly the information technology. You can observe a specific and limited understanding about anything that has become social for the people who are always connected to the information medium, which is playing the best part in changing people’s lives, more than anything for an ordinary person. This change has opened doors of more opportunities for corporate business development.

If you talk about the marketing strategies, advertising, propaganda, low level censor policies and week definitions of information provision and its limits, have altogether changed the key values of influencing people’s lives. Usually, all over the world, businesses make money after taking control of people’s psychologies. Interestingly, it seems to be beyond the scope of Governments’ operations to disallow businesses to play with customers’ psychology. Understandably, it is not possible to sell the products unless the sellers completely understand their customers, their likes and dislikes, daily lives, their needs and at the top, their budgets. Value of a product obviously depends upon the customer identification. Vendors, who understand the customers’ needs, become more successful than the ordinary businessmen. By the continued practice of customer identification, small companies grow in volume and become corporate. Any business may start as personal but there are examples of private businesses becoming the public demand. 
Let’s not forget the example of Mc Donald’s, that feeds 1% of total world’s population. Microsoft, on the other hand, controls how people work because of its user friendly interfaces of Operating systems and the package of office administration software and has really achieved the level of becoming the public demand. Television would only remain a dream for domestic users until it became a need of every house along with Radio and Telephone but interestingly, it is of no surprise that still there are nations who do not have access to the Internet, Telephone, Television, and computers. Their daily operations are still continuing without all these domestic appliances and communication systems. It really takes decades for any private business to become public demand and for that, the corporate organizations study people and identify the opportunities.  
It is really not possible for common people to make a corporate because normal people can just think about their personal problems where the game planners think the other way because they do not have problems of being hand to mouth as their income statistics are much higher than an ordinary person. The corporate thinkers and game planners always remain at the top and keep their influence on the market trends and that is how they can make a differentiable amount of money and reach a level of becoming the top few most important organizations who can change the social trends and day by day become more and more wealthy.

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