Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why I love MUHAMMAD, Peace Be Upon Him

I’m just frustrated to realize that I always use the word I, because the reason I think is that I am the biggest story of my time… but I’m sure I’m not! Its you … yes its you… because you think the same way I think…
See, we are revolving around our own personalities … I think that man is finding himself since creation… but may be I’m wrong. You watch movies?… you cannot find an alien that don’t have a characteristic other than humans… for example they would have at least one eye, may be not but at least one leg or hand or a body …(Body? What the hell am I talking about? Can anything be without a body? See… if you would think out of the box, you would understand that GOD can create anything… with or without a body… I know we doubt), otherwise if the alien is blind and without a leg, then it would have a system that Human has (Have you ever imagined how germs live? Ask your mom, if not, ask your biology teacher… he would be dependent on the science which may not have an answer) … or the funny part is, your favorite alien could have a love story as well, as you have haan haan … I kid you ha ha … I kid you (psychotic laughter)…!
You can analyze any scenario, and you would agree that I … haan I, … I the dumb, … crap, with a messed up brain is right… why every alien would have at least one characteristic of Human? It is because human cannot think of anything other than themselves … cannot think out of box of the evolution of life… we are revolving around ourselves and the philosophy of life and life after death. For me, we are finding our origin… and whatever we do, we do it for ourselves… see now you understand that I am not the only one who thinks about himself… its about all human beings… where, I don’t Include our PROPHET, MUHAMMAD, Peace be upon HIM, since HE thinks for the whole humanity, that is why I love our PROPHET, MUHAMMAD, Peace Be Upon HIM. Non Muslims don't consider HIM as their Prophet as well, but PROPHET, MUHAMMAD, Peace Be Upon Him is a blessing for the whole humanity, this is what Islam says, and that is why I love our PROPHET, MUHAMMAD, SAL ALLAHO ALAEIHE WA AALEHI WASALLAM.

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