Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two Samosas - An excerpt from my biography

"Lets have Haleem Today" he gave me an idea. Virtually I went through different restaurants and checked their prices. Ritaj, 8 Dirhams, and with white rice 13 Dirhams. Hayderabadi Star, 6 Dirhams with white rice, 10, and Bengali restaurants just 3 Dirhams. He was listening to me... "Yar I dont like Bengali Haleem,... they put bones and also its less in quantity". O my GOD, he was arguing continuously. I was getting frustrated of this argument and because of my deadly feeling of hunger. "Hmmm..." I thought... "What to do now?" I asked myself. "Sarawan" he gave an idea. "errr... 7 Dirhams for Daal Mash", I replied “and also their cucumber smells so bad and they put onion in the salad”, ... “but they fry it well”... I imagined and felt warm water at my tongue. "No problem yar lets go over there". I realized that he was very much hungry, but the fact was, I had to pay for him... No wonder this was what I would always do. "You had Biryani yesterday, right!" I started a new argument. "So why you are hungry today?". He didn't reply and I felt he was disappointed after having such a creepy question.
Finally I decided to go to Bengali restaurant... "Lets have Daal Channa tonight". He became happy on this development; at least something was better than nothing. Both of us agreed, and the reason was it would cost us just 3 Dirhams. Unfortunately, Daal Channa was not available anymore. "Fuhh" I looked at him... and at the same time I noticed Bengali samosas when I came out.
“How about it” and there was a straight no at his face “that wont do it, I’m so hungry please… we can have samosas may be tomorrow” This was his daily argument “Tomorrow, tomorrow” and that freaky tomorrow never came in to my life.
I stood outside the restaurant… There were so many people talking like cartoons. Different voices, expressions, pitch… I felt it was really amazing that God created Human, and all of them can speak at the same time… wonder! “SUBHAAN ALLAH TAALA”. I enjoyed that crowd with my silence and listening ability… It was really amazing. “So?” aah… He broke the silence. “So what we do now?” I asked him. “Lets go to Saravan… Jaani daal mash khatay hein, garam roti, fry daal, thanda paani, salad… wow great…” I surrendered finally, since it was really difficult to decide what to eat and what not to eat in such a small budget of 3 Dirhams. I had hundreds of Dirhams in my Wallet, but still I had almost 10 days and I knew, I wouldn’t make it this way by enjoying the luxury food of 7 to 13 Dirhams… still I wanted to compromise at 7 Dirhams Daal Maash plate, … with cold water, salad, hot flat bread and yes… I also had to compromise on onions… “I won’t eat onions” I decided.

We took the right turn from the same ally that was besides that Bengali restaurant, and I changed my mind immediately. “No”, … “You will have samosas today”. I was so much frustrated and fed up of this daily argument, in fact twice or thrice daily… 2 Dirhams, 3 Dirhams, Aalu bhaji or channa, qeema paratha, maska slice and a 2 glass water, Saada Biryaani, Daal Mash, Daal Channa, …. “what? What the hell? You do the same daily. You eat too much and next day your demand is the same to have expensive food, and recommendation is the same to have cheaper tomorrow… I am fed up of this… You crap! No!… you will have samosas today…”. I was almost running and he was almost crying and protesting… He tried to stop me but noway… I was on my way to have Samosas!
That day I had two Samosas. I thanked to My Lord … “Shukr ALHAMDULILLAH TAALA”.
Next morning when I entered the karalite restaturant, I looked at myself… It was quiet… I looked closely… still no voice… I smiled cruely… and ordered in Malyalam“Urray maska slice, Urray saada Lamba Parcel ay” (One Maska (Slice with Jam and Butter)slice and a mixed tea with milk)… I was happy that morning!

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  1. All the places and prices mentioned above are real, in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Check!


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