Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spell Bound

I started writing in 2010 with my first blog post about the Social media, its effects and beneficiaries. At that time I had a good job and would just say anything that came into my mind. I was a little careless because of my certainly stable financial situation. One of the characteristics of wealth is that it makes us blind. But honestly it's not only the money, power also does the same. People reach to a state of denial after having enough power and start ignoring others. This was one of the reasons that I also became straight forward and fearless. Money and power both are related to each other. With money, comes the social strength. If you have money, you automatically feel powerful to be able to buy anything and anyone. You can buy people's loyalties, activities, their thoughts, emotions, their vision and even the political and religious beliefs.
Unfortunately, if you are still poor, then I know what would you do for survival. Don't you sell yourself to the powerful capitalists? Capitalism mean incorporation of anything into the business. For the capitalists, people are really machines and products for revenue generation and not the human beings. People can, not only generate the revenue but also after a little more influence, they can become the indirect potential monetizing sources. As an example, media personnel can also be considered as the active elements of revenue generation by controlling the news, current affairs, influencing the public opinion by directing their emotions with their on air discussions, criticism, idea generation and imposing a certain belief on he public.
One way or the other, we are selling ourselves to the capitalists who have become powerful enough to control the normal people as well as the nations as the herds of horses. If you particularly talk about the news and publication media, I have no doubt that its completely controlled to get certain benefits. Those hidden and clear benefits directly or indirectly include only two things, developing Influence and thus getting Wealth. 
The ultimate benefits capitalists always look for uses to be the wealth collection, but the ways they adopt to initiate the game of revenue generation is nothing similar to the ordinary ways that you could even guess. It's just like a game of chess. Well, obviously the game remains for some time until one of the players start losing the control. The best thing I have learnt from the chess is one out of many ways to win. Tip is very simple. You just need to keep one of your pieces at your opponent's side and keep the space occupied until the right time. That single piece develops the same influence as all of your other pieces do. Gradually you need to empower that particular single piece, provide it the backup pieces and the moment by moment advancement will win you the game, but that's one way I look into the whole scenario. If you compare this example with current media influence, you will be able to understand your position as winner or loser.
Argument is very simple. We are driven by the media. This is quite obvious that Not everyone is a capitalist but surely, is under the influence of a controlled thought. Well mainly the pieces used in this game are simple people who are remotely controlled electronically, or by traditional means. Like the communism, capitalists only consider the Darwin's theory of evolution and drive us like the herds of animals who if taught a lesson, only act upon the instructions. Do not you see the examples of many different countries including Pakistan where people or let me say herds of people are controlled by an unknown remote. Someone presses the button and they start shouting. The unknown hand then releases the button and everybody becomes silent. After a while another button is pressed and the whole nation starts shouting, burning, destroying the properties and protest to a certain level until the button is released and everyone calms down. They practice is repeated everyday with many different buttons pressed to start many different groups using electronic and social media. Whosoever is controlled by Facebook, they press the facebook button, twitter button for twitter herds, religious button for religious fanatics and for political fools, political button. It's not only the herds of normal people who are not the objective role players containing a space in the media itself but are under the influence of media or in other words, the fuel of media. The evolution is practiced at every instance and from a normal human they become unbearable animals and when the button is released, they become normal humans as if previously they were spell bound. Are you not getting evolved anyhow?

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