Friday, August 12, 2011

"Dear London, Welcome to the club!"

Today im very much disappointed। We usually say “Proud to be Pakistanis” and become mad at whosoever pokes fun on our religion, regardless of the fact that Islam doesn’t like a proud person and second what we are proud at? Take anything starting from consumables, petrol, CNG, electricity, to Government departments including Military, that accepts the drone attacks without any retaliation and also accepts the operation to Kill Osama Bin Laden. I don’t feel proud at my country’ army. I also don’t feel proud on Pakistan Air Force that has given a few of its bases to America where planes land without letting anyone know what they are carrying into. OK I’m a fool, you are wise. You tell me, are you proud of your police? Are you proud to have politicians who live in fool proof security and our brothers and sisters die in suicidal bombings? Don’t you remember how many times there were attacks on Musharraf and he escaped death or a single injury. Don’t you even remember when Shaukat Aziz was about to be elected as Prime minister of Pakistan and got a suicidal attack near his car? Was his car bomb proof? No. At least bullet proof. I have a question to all proud Pakistanis, Army, Police and Government. Why don’t you people deploy such a security on the entry points of your cities? Why people move with guns in Karachi, and Mr. Rehman Malik, how dare girlfriends and wives of a country be to kill their men in reference to Target Killing? This is a total failure of all who think they are wise. No, you are fools.
Public… I make fun of you as well. Since how long are you in such a miserable situation andfacing terrorism? Still any development? Are you able to cater such huge terrorism and total failure by core people and departments? Still you laugh at London? Still you are spreading SMS messages of poking fun of London saying “Dear London, Welcome to the club! Regards, Karachi” … How poor nation we are! And another one says “Karachi ka mausam London k mausam jaisa hogaya.. Or London k halaat Karachi k jaisay hogaye :P”… Not to end, yet another reads “- Qaim ali shah's phone to David cameron '' Agar london mein fori tor pe double sawari pe pabandi lagadi jaye.. to halat behtar hosakte hain.'' [ Joke ]”
What are you doing people? We are famous as religious extremists where you know we are moderate by nature. If there is problem in London, then do you think it is fair to make jokes out of it. Remember, ALLAH is the GOD of whole universe and all the human beings. If an innocent Londoner is hurt, I am also hurt. If his house is burnt, I feel my house is burnt. Tell me guys , how would Prophet, Muhammad react at the situation of London. If it is opposite to yours, then please adopt the habit of Prophet, Peace and blessings be Upon Him, aameen. I request you not to poke fun of London’ unrest, instead if you pressurize the UK Government to control the situation as soon as possible that would be a huge achievement to let our nation come out of accusation of Religious extremism. And by the way, many of us have their relatives living in London. I hope you understand.

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