Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to fix the distrubing 'Privacy Changes' on Facebook

Due to recent changes on Facebook Privacy settings a few of our posts have become visible to others :) ya thanks to Facebook for making it more public oriented... You guys are very smart and are doing the things which once Google did with Google Buzz, an that failed it ridiculously... So guys what you need to do is use another login that you are not friends with (If you don't have, create another one) and copy the URL (The address of your profile like this https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=642103985) and using that other login, paste it in the address bar and check what you are able to see... you should be able to see 1: Comments that you posted in some groups, 2: News feed about your profile picture, if you have recently changed it just after 20th August, 3:Questions that you have answered... Yes that's frustrating... What you need to do is, go to your profile and locate the post that is showing up. When you find it, you should be able to see the 'x' sign when you hover your mouse at your post... and click on it. if it says remove it, remove it, otherwise try to locate the option "Remove all wall post activity" and that will hide all the activities of your wall... Uff!
O by the way, let me tell you something. If you want to remove the News feed about questions, profile picture changes, or whatever, you have to go to that particular post and remove it... yes... and the worst thing is, ... now the wall is open and you dont know whats showing up to others who are not your friends. So if you want to remove something you have to go to that post and click cancel button and select the option "Hide all "whatever comes here" activity " I request Facebook to stop doing that or make the FAQ Section more user friendly rather than complex to save themselves and do whatever they want... open my profile to the world :)
Disclaimer: If it works for you, share it with your friends, and if it doesn't, that's not my problem, It worked for me :) try to figure out why it didn't and share it with me. Thanks.

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