Friday, January 27, 2012

18+ - The first Seduction

India is a great country where people are proud to be, what they are, regardless of the ever growing poverty, polulation and Politics for the personal benefit. Increase in poverty and population is because of the artificial inflation which is an outcome of the law of jungle, where all the animals can do whatever they want. Take anything from domestic to commercial product and services to find the sruprising difference between cost and sale price. The best thing you will find is that people are happy to pay whatever is demanded for a certain product. I was never able to understand how would the Afghanis pay hundreds of rupees for one time meal but thanks to the artificial hike in prices now I do, that when even extra is not enough to cater the needs of Social hunger, then whatever people earn, becomes devalued. Its not only about the money or food, Social hunger includes a lot more. Core reason of all the problems is personal satisfaction or lets say, satisfying the personal selfishness.

I am a big fan of people who died one hundred year ago because from their generations we are getting great innovators because of whom the technology is changing moment by moment and who are providing us the facilities that our forefathers did not imagine to enjoy. No one can deny that only a good seed produces a good tree. I don’t believe that 16 years education is the solution to world’ problems because our ancestors did not have the same and even then they spent a satisfied life and gave the innovative generations to the world, so what was the force that drove them that way? Certainly not a University degre. O come on, do you think the dictators own a University degree? Power my dear… ! Isn’t it funny that people in India think that after a person passes out the university, he becomes able to grab all the facilities of life… where in reality we know that takes way more time for us to cover our daily expenses and feed a family than it takes to an illeterate barbar who starts working in a saloon in an early age and becomes a victim of child labor for the elders of vaccuum, who just want to be on media and talk about human rights, forgetting the unskilled university grad who is aggreesively willing to type 125 words in one minutes and sees his future after 5 years while letting the barbar boy laugh at him, getting the hairs grow grey, breaking up with many girlfriends, getting addicted to clubbing and smoking or drinking … funny!  Still those wise think they are proud to be what they are… like proud to be having a country they own… yes… not all think they own, but few, who show it practically like the people who are in power in India. O by the way, can you give me a solution to all those problems I understand and summarised above and change a  word, I mean change India from Pakistna and just imaging how does it feel ? Cheers, If you still say you are proud to be an Indian, I mean Pakistani…

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  1. One Eye point of view. One sided truth actually not complete truth.


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